Steps on ow to view Online Result !!!

Dear Parents kindly follow the following steps below as guide to view your wards result .

Step 1
1. Go to Google and search for Premium schools
or use the link here Premium schools

Step 2. click on the Technical High School Drop-down Menu

Using a mobile phone. kindly use the menu button to drop down all menu link

Step 4. click on check Result to proceed to the login

The Student ID Which is also the Admission number given to the student during Admission and it remains the Student ID and the password will be gotten from the admission department in the school
STUDENT ID : THS/2023901234
Password : sU246M
as the case may be

Step 5. If the admission number as password succeed. You will be login to student page

Kindly select the student class and arm of class to proceed .
Kindly Note that, if your fees has not been paid or partly paid, the result will be locked automatically until your full fees is paid. Immediately fess is completed, the result will be unlocked by default

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